Выставка работ Хельмута Коллера и Марка Коре в арт-пространстве Victory Park Residences

Exhibition of works by Helmut Koller and Mark Kore in the art space Victory Park Residences

On June 8, the Victory Park Residences art space hosted a summer cocktail organized by Ant Development, the creator of an elite residential complex in the historic Dorogomilovo district of the western district of Moscow.
In full accordance with the concept of Victory Park Residences, where architecture is closely intertwined with art, the guests of the event were able to get acquainted with the stunning works of the Austrian painter Helmut Koller and the British sculptor Mark Kore as part of the closed presentation of the Predators exhibition. Musical Art group was represented by Triangle Sun, whose compositions became the first Russian tracks, which entered the collections of the best music in the world.
There were a lot of celebrity guests: Miranda Mirianashvili, Angelica Timanina, Tatyana Gevorkyan, Milana Koroleva, Yasmina Muratovich, Artyom and Yulia Akimovs, Ilya Bachurin, Anna Alexandrova, Yana Gladkikh, Makhib Gladstone, Aliya Grig, Olga Panchenko, Svetlana Stepanovskaya, Mikhail Shlenskiy, Mikhail Shlenskiy , Alexander Siradekian, Yulia Rempel, Evgeniya Milova, Alexander Pershikov and others.