The Association of Parents of Children with Dyslexia and ANT Development launched the All-Russian Competition for Children with Dyslexia “Ideal City of the Future”

The project is aimed at drawing public attention to children’s dyslexia – a common learning problem among children which manifests itself as a specific disorder of reading, writing and counting, which affects perception of information. As part of the project, children with dyslexia will be able to share their vision of the city of the future where they would like to live and develop. During the competition participants will create artworks using any materials at hand and film a one-minute video to accompany them. In these videos children will be able to describe their projects and tell about their life at school and difficulties they have to overcome. The name of the competition was inspired by the urban concept of Leonardo Da Vinci which balances architecture and social structure to create a comfortable and equitable environment.
The competition was organized by the Association of Parents of Children with Dyslexia and the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. The State Hermitage Museum acts as a consultant for the competition. The project is supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education, the Department of Culture of the city of Moscow and Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts. The general partner of “Ideal City of the Future” competition is international development company ANT Development.
The works that are going to be exhibited at one of the leading museum venues of the country will be evaluated by a specially created jury which will include Guven Dundar, Marina Loshak, Vasily Tsereteli, Maria Piotrovskaya.
“Equal opportunities for self-realization of our children, both personal and professional, are the task of education. Even if a child has difficulties in mastering skills of reading, writing and counting, he still has the right to raise his self-esteem and discover his creative potential with the help of programs that the association plans to develop together with Russian museums and creative workshops” - said Maria Piotrovskaya, founder and shareholder of the Association of Parents of Children with Dyslexia and the Center for Diagnosis and Support of Children with Learning Disabilities.

“For us, social responsibility is directly related to the company operations. ANT Development is a development company. This means that we don’t just build beautiful and functional houses but with each of our projects we improve the architectural appearance of the city and create a new, high-quality environment for a full and happy life. We are implementing family residential complexes and are clearly aware that children are our future. This is why we decided to support “Ideal City of the Future” competition” - said Yana Tachalova, commercial director of international development company ANT Development.

“It is very important for society and the system to understand that children and teenagers who have difficulties with reading, counting or writing are no less capable of learning and are no less talented than the rest. Traditional methods of Russian school and university education are not always suitable for them. Inclusion of cultural institutions in the process of building a new educational system allows to expand its tools and to give children an opportunity to find their talents, express themselves, become self-confident through creative process” - commented Vasily Tsereteli, Executive Director of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

Children with dyslexia of two age groups can take part in the competition: from 5 to 11 years old and from 12 to 17 years old. The best works of participants will be available for viewing on the official website of the competition. You can find out more about conditions and follow up the results on the website: Contemporary artists volunteered to support the contest as well - they will give online master classes for participants during the period of the competition. Master class videos will be available on the official website of the competition. The best works of participants will be exhibited at MMOMA and in the Victory Park Residences art space located next to the residential complex of the same name, 1 minute from Victory Park.