Exhibition of paintings by Andrey Esionov has opened in the Victory Park Residences art space in Victory Park

In the art space of the elite residential complex Victory Park Residences near Victory Park, an exhibition of philosophical watercolors by contemporary Russian painter Andrey Esionov "My Moscow" has opened. The exposition presents 15 works made in a uniqu

Andrey Esionov is one of the brightest representatives of the post-Soviet visionary neo-realism movement. He observes city dwellers in their familiar environment, showing types, moods and characters. First date lovers and shopping couples, carefree flaneurs and dog owners happily taking daily walks during the lockdown. The main characters of the works presented in the Victory Park Residences art space were ordinary passers-by: smiling and sad, looking around with interest or immersed in their thoughts or in phone screens. In his works, Andrey Esionov preserves that very fleeting moment snatched from life.
“ANT Development not only pays great attention to every detail at the design and construction stage of its projects, but also carefully works to create a comfortable atmosphere for living in them. Through the art that we share in our client art space, we enable clients to choose properties not only with their heads, but also with their hearts. Evaluate your investments as something not only financially valuable, but also spiritually developed. Andrey Esionov is a world famous artist. At the moment, in the seven main churches of Rome, including the Pantheon, his solo exhibition has opened with great success. Therefore, we are especially pleased that here in Moscow, in parallel with the Vatican, we presented to the Russian public his magnificent watercolor works filled with deep meaning. I am sure that everyone who sees the My Moscow exposition will not remain indifferent,” said Güven Dündar, managing partner of ANT Development.
The title work of the exhibition, which gave it its name, was the watercolor "My Moscow". This is a portrait of Andrei Esionov's wife, painted with amazing ease and freedom: only light, air and joy. For the artist, the image of a loved one is inextricably linked with his beloved city. It is no coincidence that the background for the portrait was the image of St. Basil's Cathedral, the Kremlin towers and skyscrapers of Moscow City - iconic sights of the capital, uniting history and modernity.

“Somewhere inside me, in a parallel consciousness, a professional reflex has developed to analyze all the pictorial, not highlighting it, but writing it down somewhere in the subcortex of the brain. This means that I do not think about it on purpose, but at the moment of need, the brain gives out exhaustive information. I can move around the city, communicate with someone, think about completely different things, implicitly noticing and giving an assessment in a split second. You can’t “hooligan” with watercolors, you definitely need to think through everything in advance, the final work in your head should be ready even before you start working on it,” said Andrey Esionov, a recognized Russian artist.

“Andrey Esionov creates his watercolors in the studio, using pencil sketches from nature. The genre situations noticed by the artist acquire a timeless character and metaphor. Of particular importance are the author's names, giving new meanings to the street scene or the images of passers-by. With the original titles of the works, the artist seems to involve the viewer in an intellectual game of solving puzzles,” notes Anastasia Vinokurova, curator of the exhibition, leading specialist of the exhibition department of the Museum of Russian Impressionism.

The space was also inspired by Yulia Petrova, director of the Museum of Russian Impressionism, who noted that the Victory Park Residences art space has a huge aesthetic potential to continue to be a bright spot on the cultural map of Moscow.
Guests of the grand opening of the exhibition of watercolors by Andrey Esionov in the Victory Park Residences art space enjoyed a musical and poetic performance, in which poems and songs about the capital were performed by Maxim Maltsev, Ekaterina Grishaeva, Dmitry Repin and Ekaterina Nesterova to the accompaniment of Oksana Petrenko. The host of the evening was Nino Ninidze.

Also, many well-known journalists, bloggers and socialites came to get acquainted with the work of Andrey Esionov, including Yulian Makarov, Irina Astakhova, Barbara Pino, Irina Chaikovskaya, Tata Shapiro, Kristina Kretova and Igor Tsvirko, Alina Bure, Milana Pich, Alena Litkovets, Emil Shabaev , Irina Jovovich, Zhenya Postnikova and others.