Новости строительства Victory Park Residences

Construction news Victory Park Residences

The elite complex Victory Park Residences is changing every day, harmoniously adding to the existing architectural ensemble of the Victory Park.

At the moment, earthworks and external construction works have been half completed in the project, almost 65% of reinforced concrete and monolithic works have been completed, our specialists continue to lay the waterproofing of the foundation. A tenth of the facade finishing has been completed - Finnish copper panels from the Grossbond company are used for the exterior finishing of the buildings, and a part of the natural stone has already arrived at the construction site. Glazing of 6-7-8 buildings of the project is being actively carried out, for this purpose aluminum profiles and Schuco windows (Germany) are used. Also, for 6-7-8 buildings, elevator equipment from Thyssen (Germany) was ordered and is currently on its way.

At the same time, internal partitions are being installed in the buildings of the residential complex, mechanical engineering and electrical systems are being carried out, and the interior finishing of houses has begun. The apartments will be equipped with Turkish entrance doors by Gorhan, interior doors - Italian production Barausse.