Spring report from Victory Park Residences construction site

The construction site of Victory Park Residences continues to be active.

The facades of the first line houses are 55% ready, the decoration uses natural stone and large-format glass with an individual pattern design - a white gradient designed specifically for the project, perfectly emphasizing the idea of ​​movement and dynamics both inside and out.


The individual fixings and profile of the stained glass structures were also developed by the architects in cooperation with Schüco specifically for Victory Park Residences, taking into account all thermal performance and safety requirements.


The facades of the houses of the second line are 85% ready. As in the first line, natural stone, large-format glass and natural copper are used in the decoration. The installation of copper panels from the courtyard side is quite complex and is subject to careful control by both builders and architects. We achieve the highest "interior quality" with minimal gaps and gaps between facade parts, which allows not only to create a visually aesthetic appearance, but also to solve the technical issues of hydro, heat and sound insulation of buildings at the highest level.


The stone for our project is also processed by hand with an individual approach for each case. The stained-glass structures of the facades of both lines are integrated with solutions for the installation of inlet window ventilation valves "Renson".


You can see the actual photos of the implementation of the elite complex Victory Park Residences in the "Construction Progress" section. To know more detailed information about the cost, the availability of free lots and how to purchase, you can call the number listed on the site.