Non-standard glazing of the facades of Victory Park Residences

Non-standard glazing of the facades of Victory Park Residences

The architecture of the first line of Victory Park Residences includes curved glass and white gradient stained glass, designed specifically for our project, perfectly emphasizing the idea of movement and dynamics of the architecture of houses.

Despite the apparent simplicity of the gradient, it carries the idea of conciseness and aesthetics. Moreover, the stained-glass construction is very elegant because is integrated into the plasticity of the facade. Such a solution more difficult to implement and, accordingly, financially costlier. We apply the individual type of construction of the

French balconies and the glass profile were developed by the architects of the project together with the German company Schüco specifically for Victory Park Residences, taking into account the provision of all thermal performance and safety requirements. Frameless glazing of balconies does not visually make the facade heavier, while not depriving us of important functionality. In Victory Park Residences, the concept was carefully thought out, the smallest elements were worked out, their ideal connection was calculated. As a result, the project has reached a higher level of quality both in terms of functionality and in terms of visual beauty and aesthetics.

Implementation of the project in such a landmark location for Moscow is impossible without respect and careful attitude to the architectural and cultural landscape of the city, so we tried to weave our project as much as possible into the style of the Dorogomilovo.

Additional questions on the cost, availability and conditions for the purchase of apartments in Victory Park Residences can be obtained by calling the phone number listed on the website or at the client sales office at: st. Brothers Fonchenko, 3.