Pop art at Victory Park Residences

A new exhibition “Pop Art. Freedom of choice".

The exhibition included famous silk-screen prints and posters by Andy Warhol, paintings by Jim Dionne, Alex Katz, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Vladimir Dubossarsky, as well as sculptures by Vasily Slonov, which have become absolute icons of pop art and contemporary art. The bright headliner of the opening evening was Mikhail Borzenkov, who made a musical performance on vinyl.

Pop art, which appeared in the 1960s, was a reaction to the rapidly developing “culture of standardized consumption.” The masters of this movement created a system of new imagery and added aesthetic value to everyday objects, where the spiritual and consumer, unique and mass were equated. Their works reflected the diversity of everyday life, its technical equipment, its comfort and abundance.

The works presented in the Victory Park Residences art space reflect important pages in the emergence of pop art in America and Europe. The exhibition also presents works by our contemporaries who are developing the traditions of pop art in Russia, including Vladimir Dubossarsky. His series “Cakes” continues the strategy of glamorization of underwater filming, characteristic of modern culture. A slightly different facet of Japanese art is represented by the artist Kozuki Watanabe. On her canvases the emphasis is placed on the quality of painting, work with color and material. One of the most discussed in modern Russian art is the Krasnoyarsk artist Vasily Slonov, in whose work folk ingenuity and irony are combined with pop art cynicism. A unique symbol of the exhibition was David Gerstein’s thin aluminum wall sculpture “Honeymoon.”

You can visit the exhibition and view the works until December 20, 2023 at the address: st. Brothers Fonchenko, owner 3.
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