«Лирический эпос Лазаря Гадаева» в арт-пространстве Victory Park Residences

"The lyrical epic of Lazar Gadaev" in the art space Victory Park Residences

We continue to immerse you in the atmosphere of real art in our art space. Exhibition “The Lyrical Epic of Lazar Gadaev. Stone. Wood. Bronze” opened here on November 24.

The exposition consists of 25 sculptures, some of which are installed in the open air, which have already been seen by famous cultural figures, art historians, journalists and media persons: Konstantin and Olga Andrikopulos, Christina Kretova and Igor Tsvirko, Alexander Siradekian with his wife, Yulia, Artem and Georgy Frangulyans, Sofiko Meladze, Olga Svichinskaya, Barbara Pino, Diana Janelli, Irina Jovovich, Alexander Blanar. And Miranda Mirianashvili and Riada Mammadova sang romances at the opening of the exhibition.

You can also see the sculptures, the exposition will last until January 15, 2022. The Victory Park Residences art space is open daily from 9:00 to 21:00.

Partner of the exhibition «The Lyrical Epic of Lazar Gadaev. Stone. Wood. Bronze» performed by Art & design gallery MOBILLISSIMI.